The band cites an easy range of influences including Bob Dylan, Beethoven, Guns N’ Roses, Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, The Cars, Leonard Cohen, and “cinematic music and anything strange and weird.” Schultz adds Bob Dylan, Born inside U.S.A., Greatest Hits, Sand from the Vaseline, Exile on Main St., and The Future as specific album influences. Additionally, Schultz cites a Tom Petty performance together that, “really stands out” to him, stating, “I remember him playing “Last Dance With Mary Jane”, and as the opening guitar line was being played, he exposed a chest on stage which had not been opened your entire show, served a hat, put that hat on through the song, and after that opened tummy back up and hang up it in and shut it. That is the moment I took faraway from his show. This educated me in everything I needed to understand.”