Music Style

Schultz says, “I write the lyrics, and I co-write the songs with Jer,” adding “It’s never the same with each song. Generally speaking it calls for a piano, an acoustic guitar, and perhaps singing, therefore we usually get started with the chord structure, a collection of chords, a melody especially, and therefore the lyrics usually follow. Or it’s one phrase that you will find great and then you build the song around that.” Schultz later claimed, “Your melodies make people need to hear what you’re saying,” adding, “They’ve have got to be offered to hearing it, almost hum it. And if they would like to go deeper there’s something there.”

Fraites emphasizes the tranquility of the group’s style, stating, “we’re not reinventing the wheel or doing most things that different, the songs are super simple. The ideas are very simple ideas. Anyone who can start to play an instrument can start to play a Lumineers song. I think there’s some cinematic component of our music that I enjoy.” Launchpad similarly writes, “where most bands nowadays look for that new, original sound to reinforce the digital revolution, ‘The Lumineers’ do superbly in taking it back in simplicity.” In another interview, Fraites explains, “I think people are enamored of commencing a room and watching people play their very own instruments and sing, instead of using Auto-Tune and much of digital equipment to obtain their sound across. There is a whole lot digital-ness available to us. People are almost taken aback if you do the opposite of their. It’s inspiring.”

Alister Roberts of Contactmusic has described the band’s self-titled debut album as, “a perfectly formed bunch of rustic folk type songs, slotting in nicely within the current roots revival.” Their folk sound has gotten comparisons to Mumford & Sons. On Mumford & Sons, Schultz has commented that they can, “kicked down doors, and so they allowed radio to obtain a band like us because we somehow slightly resemble what they’re doing.” Jon Pareles of The New York Times wrote that, “Mumford comparisons rankle the Lumineers. While both bands wrap moody lyrics in toe-tapping melodies, Mumford & Sons gain instruments in massive buildups. The Lumineers, to amass, stay sparse, barely avoiding to using a power guitar on The Lumineers.”

Other artists have commented within the folk-style music of The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons; alternative rock artist Jack White praised the fashion, stating, “I think these acts nowadays are keeping people’s ears available to the idea of the soulfulness of folk-style music and acoustic music, and you also get a small bit closer on the musician, on the writer, sometimes.” Conversely, hard and shock rock artist Alice Cooper criticized the 2 main bands, calling it “an offense” to label them rock bands.